Review of the Garmin Fenix Outdoor GPS Watch Announced This Week

This week Garmin announced their latest GPS device, with the Garmin Fenix GPS watch.  This watch is designed for people who love the outdoors life and seems to be primarily marketed and targeted at hikers, mountaineers, geocachers, and those that love pursuing adventures.

Garmin Fenix

The New Garmin Fenix Watch for Outdoors People

The Garmin Fenix watch is designed to be abused, as it is encased in a highly durable casing which is both scratch resistant and also waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters.  It can also be worn as an everyday digital watch too, and by turning the GPS receiver off it’s possible to extend the battery life before recharging by a considerable amount.  The main features of the new outdoors GPS watch are detailed below in this short Garmin Fenix Review.

Garmin Fenix Review

The new Garmin Fenix is the first real true outdoor watch that comes with GPS.  The standout features are the altimeter, barometer, and compass functions which make it the ideal ABC watch for people who are walking, climbing, or hiking off the beaten track.  Here are those three different functions in a little bit more detail:

The Altimeter

The Garmin Fenix watch uses a built-in Garmin designed barometric altimeter.  This gives the user and wearer accurate GPS elevation details and information that lets them keep reliable track on ascent and descent distances.  It also has something called TrackLog meaning if the wearer gets lost whilst adventuring then they can find their way back to base with ease by re-treading the path that got them to where they are at any point – perfect for emergencies whilst in dangerous conditions.

The Barometer

This GPS outdoors watch also comes with a barometer built-in to it.  This allows for constant monitoring of weather changes and temperatures – which are all displayed on the easy to read LCD watch face.  It will show short-term changes that are occurring in the barometric air pressure and is that pressure starts to reduce in a steady decline then there is every chance that a storm and torrential rain could be approaching… making it time to return to base or camp.

The Compass

Also included with the Garmin Fenix watch which is worth mentioning in this short Fenix review is the fact it comes with a very reliable 3-axis electronic compass.  This lets the user keep an eye on their bearing no matter if they on the move or stationary.  You can track and sight different bearing location and then let the Garmin Fenix help you to head and navigate towards your eventual goal.

Release Date Slated for the Fall

The Garmin Fenix is not available to purchase online yet, with Garmin stating that the release date should occur sometime in the fall for North American customers, and a month or two later for those based in Europe.

It is set to change the way in which outdoor adventure lovers use GPS, and coming from Garmin is bound to be very reliable and popular once it hits the market with specialist traders.

If you are interested in finding out more about this GPS watch then please use the links towards the foot of this Garmin Fenix review.

About the Author:  Peter B is an outdoor enthusiast who loves Garmin GPS handheld devices.  For more information and more in-depth coverage please visit his online review of the Garmin Fenix.

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