Understanding the Different Garmin GPS Map Updates

With Garmin being the World leader in GPS, it stands to reason that many people will want to update the maps on the devices.  The top selling Garmin products are the Nuvi range of GPS products which come with loads of advanced features such as real-time traffic alerts, text to speech navigation, 2D and 3D mapping, voice commands, and maps that cover all the major continents.


As with any GPS device, the Garmin Nuvi range will need to be updated regularly with map software updates and these can be downloaded direct from their official website – but which is the best GPS map update to suit you, your budget, and model?  Read on for an overview of each of the options so you can make the best choice in 2012 and beyond.

Option 1 – Garmin nuMaps Guarantee – Free

This is the best option because it offers free Garmin map updates. Unfortunately they are not free for everybody who owns a Garmin Nuvi GPS.  Only customers that are within the first 90 days of ownership will be able to download free maps as part of the nuMaps Guarantee promise and offer.  If you are eligible you can find out by logging into the online customer registration portal and synchronizing your Nuvi with your PC/computer.  If there are free map updates for your Garmin available, the system will tell you and let you start downloading straight away although you will need to connect up via USB to do this.

Option 2 – Garmin nuMaps Onetime – $49.99

The Onetime offer from Garmin is exactly that.  It means you can download a one-off map update refresh but this will cost you around $50 US Dollars depending on which unit you own and where you live.  Register your Nuvi with Garmin and you can then browse through the geographical options available.  It is worth waiting for their quarterly map update announcement before you do this so you can get the freshest new GPS map updates that are available.

Option 3 – Garmin nuMaps Liftetime – $89.99

Spend a little bit more money and you can download GPS map updates to your Nuvi GPS for as long as you own it and have it registered with the company.  The benefit to this approach is that you can download new software and routes four times a year for the remaining lifetime of the device.  You won’t ever need to pay any extra so it works out to be a lot more economical than the onetime update.  Only choose this option if you plan on keeping your Garmin GPS for at least two years… otherwise it could be too much money to spend.

Need More Information on GPS Map Updates?

For more information on GPS Map Updates click this link.  It takes you to a website that shows consumers how to update all brands and models of GPS – not just Garmin.  Generally new GPS map update are simply to install and can be downloaded via the Internet.  However, some owners will need to purchase a GPS navigation DVD if there unit is built-in to the car’s dashboard unit.

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